Packing Tips for a Memorable Trip to Lakshadweep

Packing Tips for a Memorable Trip to Lakshadweep

What To Pack for a Lakshadweep Trip

When getting ready for your Lakshadweep trip, keep a few important things in mind to make everything easy. If you’re flying there, try to pack light because of the small flights. Here are some of the important things to carry if you are planning for a trip to Lakshadweep Island:


When you’re in Lakshadweep, use a strong sunscreen because the sun can be harsh. Put it on generously before going outside and reapply every two to three hours to stay protected.

2. Hat

Choose a hat with a broader brim, as it is more effective in shielding you from the sun’s rays and providing enhanced sun protection for your face and neck.

3. Sunglasses

It’s advisable to opt for polarized sunglasses, especially during the afternoon when the sunlight can be particularly bright. They help you see more comfortably by reducing glare.

3. Sanitizer & Liquid Hand wash

Since the resorts in this area are usually government-run, you can find soap in restrooms and dining areas. However, carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and liquid handwash is a good idea for added cleanliness.

4. Wet Wipes

Despite using sunscreen generously, the intense sun in this area can still cause skin burns. To soothe your skin, wet wipes can be your ultimate savior.

5. Power Backup

Pack a power bank for your trip ensuring you can recharge your phones and cameras anytime as power outages are common and many islands are still underdeveloped.

6. Medical Supplies

Pack essential medications for motion sickness, sea sickness, nausea, colds, and headaches to ensure a comfortable journey.

7. Snacks

Beyond the provided meals, the island lacks additional snack options. Remember to bring your own supply. Consider keeping energy bars, dry fruits and chocolates for added refreshments during your stay.

8. Beach Bag

Opt for a beach bag to conveniently carry snacks, water bottles, cameras, and other essentials during your island adventures.

9. Toiletries

Remember to pack your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and other essential personal items.

10. Swimsuit

Pack plenty of swimwear for the variety of water activities available, from scuba diving to kayaking, parasailing, and snorkeling. Also, opt for comfortable flip flops or beach slippers for your days spent on the sand.

11. Mosquito/Insect Repellant

Be prepared for unwanted guests at sunset. Pack insect repellent to enjoy the night time without getting annoyed by mosquito bites.

12. Clothes

or men, pack T-shirts, shorts, shirts, swimsuits, and one pair of breathable long pants. For women, include shirts, mid-length dresses, lightweight shirts, tanks, skirts, shorts.

13. Documents and Extra Cash

Make sure to bring a printout of your permit and a photo ID for island entry and security checks. It’s good to have some cash on hand for small purchases, even though credit cards work in some places.

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