Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Complete Guide

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Complete Guide

Dubai has an extremely hot climate which can spoil your mood for adventure. In order to fight the scorching heat in Dubai, one of the best ways to beat the heat is to take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy a day of thrill rides, pool and waves.

The Atlantis Aquaventure Park in Dubai is the perfect destination for this purpose, as it’s one of the world’s largest waterparks with a total of 105 rides and attractions with each slide designed to provide an individualized and adventurous experience, with a range of speeds and depths to suit all levels of adventure. You can have a day full of fun and thrilling water activities, as well as get the chance to meet the aquatic creatures.

Just to know what you have signed up for, here’s what you can do at Atlantis Aquaventure Park:

  • Discover more than 105 thrilling rides, slides, and attractions.

  • Visit the Atlantis-themed Lost Chambers, an aquarium with over 65,000 marine animals, and spend a day on a private beach.

  • Get ready for an adrenaline-filled day as you prepare for various thrilling rides such as Zoomerang, Odyssey of Terror, and Shockwave

  • Spend a day with your family at the world’s largest waterpark, Aquaventure.

  • Slide down through a variety of body slides such as Vortex, the leap of faith, and blackout to experience extreme thrills.

  • Challenge your friends in a water race to win the ‘Trident’ as you slide down Hydra Racer.

  • Feel the thrill as you race down the world’s tallest waterslide Odyssey of Terror.

About the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai Tickets

General Ticket

The General Admission ticket is the most common ticket type and gives access to all of Aquaventure Park’s main attractions and rides. It usually includes access to the water slides and the lazy river, as well as the Splasher’s play space and the private beach.

Combination Tickets

Aquaventure Park combination tickets include access to other areas of the resort complex. For instance, a combination ticket to Aquaventure Park may include access to both the water park and Atlantis, The Palm’s Lost Chambers Aquarium. This allows guests to experience both the thrill of the water park and the underwater world.

Important Details to Know

Please consider the following points before proceeding with the bookings so that you remain informed about the place.

  • Food and beverages outside the park are strictly prohibited.

  • You do not need to make a reservation at the kaleidoscope, you can walk in for lunch at any time.

  • You are not allowed to smoke at the Aquaventure waterpark.

  • You will not be allowed on the attractions if you have an injury (cast, bandage, etc.) or if you have a contagious disease.

  • You must not wear regular nappies/diapers in any of the pools or in any of the waterpark attractions.

  • Swim nappies/Diaper is available in all of the gift shops at the waterpark.

  • The waterpark is not recommended for pregnant mothers, people with a family history of neck/back/joint/heart problems, overweight people, or people with physical limitations.

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