Why You Should Not Miss Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Why You Should Not Miss Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Discover the Best of Dubai with Dhow Cruise

Dubai is one of the world’s most exciting cities with stunning skylines, beaches, and attraction spots. It’s also known as the Modern Art & Design Capital of the Middle East.

Dubai is a place where you get to enjoy various types of exciting adventures. You may experience a rich cultural diversity with Dubai’s unique architecture and nightlife making it an attractive city for everyone.

If you’re ever in Dubai, even for a day, and you don’t go on a dhow cruise, it’s gonna be a huge regret on your part. You can’t beat the combination of the city’s grandeur, the stunning sea, the amazing food, and the incredible hospitality and cultural experiences that dhow cruise Dubai has to offer. Not only is this place a huge tourist draw, but it’s also a popular destination for locals. You can completely rely on our tour guides to make sure you have a great time. Check it off your bucket list now.

What makes Dhow Cruise Marina so Special?

The Dubai Marina is a must-see attraction. It’s an artificial canal city that shows off the city’s grand infrastructure. There’s something magical about the dhow cruise Marina. Just Imagine you’re floating over the ocean on a clear night, the lights are on, and you’re enjoying a romantic dinner with your loved ones. Who wouldn’t want to freeze time at that moment.

Apart from the skylines and ocean view, the dhow cruise offers a unique opportunity to witness the traditional Turkish dance, Tanura, performed by male dancers. The dancer spins and dances to the rhythm of the music, wearing a decorated dress that creates an eye-catching and captivating sight.

Traditionally, belly dancing has been a common part of the cruise, however, it has been replaced almost entirely by Tanura in recent years. The cruise also features a talented singer who begins the cruise with a selection of soft music, ranging from rock and pop to jazz and classical, to soothe and relax the sense.

What Do You Get on Dhow Cruise Marina?

At the dhow cruise, get access to the open upper deck and fully air-conditioned lower deck with complimentary tea, coffee, and welcome drinks. Go and have a gala experience with your partner, friends, or family while listening to relaxing music in the Hindi language, Arabic language, and English language in the background.

This can also be a perfect spot to host an open-air birthday party. Moreover, a dhow cruise can also be chosen as a spot for formal events, too, like corporate meetings and other conferences. Meeting a client over a dhow cruise to finalize a deal will certainly go in your favor, as nobody can say no in such an interesting business setting.

So If you’re looking for a way to get away from your hectic schedule, Dhow Cruise at Dubai Marina is the perfect way to do it. With a glass-bound cruise, you’ll be transported to a dream world. You will be having a great time to discover the magic of the Arabian Nights.

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